Civita di Bagnoregio:
what to see

Inside the gate, the charms of Civita are subtle. Those searching for arcade tourism won’t know where to look. There are no lists of attractions, orientation tours, or theme-park style museums.

Civita is a charming medieval city, almost utterly untouched by the Renaissance. (The facade of the church was remodeled during the Renaissance, but the city is otherwise entirely medieval.)

Once you step beyond the entrance art, you enter into a fairytale town. Everywhere you look there are flower-decked lanes and sudden vistas of the breathtaking Tuscan countryside. Each lane and footpath holds a surprise. Ivy drapes over arches and scrambles up walls; potted flowers parade across balconies. The warm stone walls glow, and each stairway is dessert to a sketch pad or camera.

The main piazza contains a bell tower and a 13th-century church. The town’s few narrow streets, flanked by stone houses, are meticulously maintained. There are a couple of B&Bs to host those who want to stay the night, while the majority of the properties have been turned into holiday homes. There is little to do apart from gaze at Etruscan remnants, have a bite to eat or buy a souvenir.

That said, there are two attractions you just can’t miss: