restaurants in civita di bagnoregio

What’s better than a relaxing break after a walk through the alleys of Civita di Bagnoregio? Well, definitely a stop at one of the town’s excellent restaurants to discover the authentic local cuisine!

Restaurants in Civita di Bagnoregio offer traditional local cuisine accompanied by excellent wines and spectacular views of the city. Here is a list of our favourites!

Restaurant of the month


Via Civita snc – Tel. 0761792415

It is quiet, elegant, unstuffy, and friendly. The menu is interesting, varied, and moderately priced (especially for not having a ton of competition!) Try the antipasto, amazing pasta dishes with shaved truffle and the best zucchini and a glass of house grappa.

other restaurants:

L’ARCO DEL GUSTO – Via Santa Maria del Cassero

Tel. 0761792524

Amazing flavours all served on wonderful bread. The small eating area tucked under one of the arch ways in this beautiful town offers a lovely shaded area to eat one of the best sandwiches you’ve ever had.

HOSTARIA LA CANTINA – Civita di Bagnoregio

Cell. 3395886654

After walking up the hill to Civita enjoy a delightful light lunch with Georgia at La Cantina di Arianna. Good local beer and wine, fresh melon and nicely constructed mixed Bruschette. Great spot for people watching.


Tel. 0761760016

Enjoy the bruschetta, pasta with meat sauce, and the vino rosso della casa. The food is cooked to order by the owner in the adjacent kitchen and served hot to the table. The whole experience is very quaint and authentic.

BAR ENOTECA LA PIAZZETTA – Via porta Santa Maria

Tel. 0761780893

This little trattoria is right as you enter Civitia Bagnoregio, so it is easy to walk past. But don’t. The food is good, the waitresses are lovely and they are one of the few places in Civitia that actually accept a credit card; something we take for granted in other countries. Excellent pasta.

WINE BAR PROFILI DI.VINI – Via Civita Bonaventura

Cell. 3272307304

Great wine, great food…. the hams and salami were delicious. A really welcoming atmosphere and the staff really go out of their way. The place is run by a British and Italian family so you get the great British service with the best italian products! Would highly reccomend if you are in this amazing place!

IL POZZO DEI DESIDERI – Civita di Bagnoregio

Cell. 3480387815

This restaurant is wonderful. It is in a building carved out of the tufo, lit by candles and nicely cool even in the heat of the summer. Pick from delicious appetizer plates with cheeses and vegetables/meats, and the lasagne and tonnarelli were excellent. Dessert is made fresh each morning.